Pellizzano 2003: This picture was shot during a skiing holiday. It snowed solidly for three days but all the tons of snow could not prevent the stream from flowing.
Venice 2005: First night shot of my new Panasonic Lumix. I think the results are not bad. What do you reckon?

04/04 @ MILAN
Manza's party. Celebrating Gabriel's birthday, the party was a cool assembly of people coming from all sort of places and all sort of walk of life. A nice dish served with the usual Manzamadness!!! eheheh
07/04 @ VENICE
Redentore Night. Lot of fun during 2004's top Venetian party. If you were not there, you don't know what you missed. If you were there, how cool was it? We hope to be able to top it next year, but it will be extremely difficult!
09/04 @ VENICE
Vania and Fabio's Wedding. Yet another wedding cerimony. But this time it's my sister who's getting married. And considering I was involved with music and barman duties, all the photos are NOT from my camera. Still great shots! ;)))
Introducing Luca. And here he is, Vania and Fabio's newborn: Luca. He eats, he sleeps, he's having the life! And, you know what? The relatives have the life too with little bundle! WELCOME LUCA!

10/05 @ VENICE
Sagra del Mosto di S. Erasmo. Celebrating the coming of Autumn, S. Erasmo's Must Festival is one of the most intriguing county fairs in the supadupa Veneto region. An event which can't be missed!

10/05 @ VENICE
Valentina's Party. My friend Valentina finally became Chartered Accountant and she decided to party in stlye. One of the best nights I had in a long while. Thank you Valentina!
05/08 @ MANTOVA
Alice's Baptism. The day Alice Zara got baptised. Ivana and Matteo's newborn receives the sacrament of baptism. And I was honored to be the godfather. Grow well my god-daughter. We all look after you!