Me, myself and I
1. 21st Century Boy
2. The London Years
3. Back to the Future
I was born in the early Seventies and therefore you could call me a Generation X man, a by-product of the season of love, an energy crisis kid or the son of the age style forgot.

Lived most of my life up to now in four places. As a kid I lived with my parents and my sister in the Pianura Padana near Ferrara, still my favourite place in the world.

My family then moved to Venice (well Mestre, for those proud Venetians out there) where I lived my teen years and my early twenties up to my graduation.
After my graduation in Economics I decided to explore the beauties of London and lived there for over four years. I've got many fond memories of the town where I turned from a shy young boy to a full grown-up man.

Unfortunately, some memories have been obliterated by alcohol but what the heck, you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

At the end of 2001, I've moved back to Italy. Now Milan is my current home and even if I haven't fully accustomed to this mad old place, I am glad I had a chance to come back.

You could say, having passed the Thirties border, I should really start thinking of settling down. However, I suppose I will never really be able to settle down: once a globetrotter, always a globetrotter.

So this is me, Andrea.

Essential Bio
I'm really not sure how many people will be interested in my vital stats. However you'll never know...after all I guess even several of my friends didn't know I was born in a funny little place called Legnago. So here we go:


Legnago (VR) 6 June 1972

Contrà frasche del Gambero n. 30
36100- Vicenza

CFO at Trend Group SpA

Degree in Economics and Finance at Ca' Foscari University (Venice)

Italian (mother toungue )

English (excellent both written and spoken )

Spanish (good both written and spoken )

Expert on both MS Windows and Mac OS operating systems and their applications (MS Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, Golive, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions
Have you got any nicknames?
I have got several ones actually: Bonni, Atreiu, Kuma, Bona, Bonalbergo, MIT, and so on. I like them all but I'm especially fond, as you might have noticed, of: "Atreiu". My sister gave me that nickname after seeing "The Never Ending Story" almost 25 years ago.

What is your favourite food?
There are so many good things to eat I can't really say I have a favourite food: however any kind of fish makes my day.

Where would you like to live?
I must say Italy is probably still my favourite country in the world. However, I wouldn't mind living in the US or in Argentina for few years. Should be good.

Do you believe in God?
I wish there could be something out there. However I don't think there is really an entity that created the universe. I still believe in the Christian way of life but I don't believe there will be Paradise if I behave well.

The glass is always...
Half empty. Yeah I'm way too pessimistic.

What is your favourite song?

Even if I've been listening to music forever, my favourite song still is "Catamaran" by Kyuss. Don't know why, but everything is just perfect in that song.

If you had 10 million Euros?
I'd probably keep them in my bank account. No fancy cars or posh things. Maybe I'd get myself a country house.

What do you think you will do in ten years?
The honest answer is: I don't know. I always dream to start my own food-related venture, but since I have too much respect of my favourite hobby I am still puzzled on whether I should convert a craved leisure activity into a professional full time occupation. We'll see.

Any regrets?
A few. I should have probably chosen a different faculty and in various occasions I should have said the right thing to the right people and I didn't. Still, I think what you are today is also the product of your regrets. As Robert Frost used to say: "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...".

My Websites
Even if my main job is finance, I sometimes carry out web design freelance jobs. Here's a selection of the websites I created:

My Mates
I Life would not be complete without friends. So here's a selection of some of my buddies. Apologise if you're not in the gallery. I love you all, I just maybe don't have a photo to show.


Raffa e Leo

My mates' websites

Being an Internet addict, it's not uncommon to have friends who share the same addiction. Here's a selection of some of their works.

Hannah is an English literature and sci-fi expert. She's one of my best friends from the London years. She currently lives in Stockholm with her husband Malcolm. Her site contains the info on her works, life and so on.

I shared with Erik, 5 good years in High School. In music, he is the most talented guy I know. Plays virtually every instrument and has got an insane passion for old keyboards and synths. His site is devoted to his music: check it out!

Laurel manages the coolest radio station on the net: 420 Train Wreck. Possibily one of the human being with the best music taste in the world, I got to know basically all of the bands I'm currently listening to through her advices. If you like stoner and psychadelic rock, her site is a must!

Nicola is also a dear friend of mine from High School days. He's a theatre expert and presently works at he Jewish museum in Venice. His page is focused on his website design and literature related businesses.

Andrea is my flatmate and great friend here in Milan but we've met in London (which is strange enough considering we both come from Venice). He works in digital imaging post-productions and, if in Italy, you have probably have seen several of his works in various magazines. His site, as usual, is still not up and running.

Met Daniela on the Internet several years ago and we've been great friends ever since. Her page contains her personal info together with collections of real good quotations and lyrics.

Steve used to be a client of mine in London. Whist working together we became really good friends. His site,, is definitely the best online resource on London.

I also met Francesca on the Internet. She's a statistics specialist, but has got many interests outside her work. Her fotolog represents almost a daily description of what's up inher life through some cool photo shots.

Met with Yvonne in London where we shared common friends. She now moved back to Munich where she has started her own free lance editing and web development agency. Cool site for a cool girl.